Trust Me

Trust me

Doesn’t mean what it used to. If you heard a salesman say it you were probably better off backing out of the room. Today, building trust with your clients is the only way to survive in business.

Customers don’t trust mass media advertising anymore, but they listen carefully to their friends and family. This is why social media works, because it focuses on and nurtures those relationships – the ones we already trust.

Your best customer is the one that your best customer referred to you – treat them with as much respect as you can muster because he/she is creating your bottom line. Thinking otherwise will cost you.  Trust me.


What are we really selling?

Used to be that one could make a fortune selling anything if they had deep enough pockets to hit the radio and television with tons of ads – this is where the idea of a ‘numbers game’ comes from – if a million people see it we only need a tenth of them to buy to make a hefty profit. The problem with this model today is that consumer have way more control over what shows up in front of them than ever before – scanning headlines online rather than reading a full, ad-laden newspaper to get their news,  PVR/Tivo their favorite television shows then watch them on their schedule, not the networks,  gleefully fast forwarding commercial after commercial and choosing from a selection of ad-free radio programs with satellite radio, to name a few.

With all this mad control consumers are getting picky, they are no longer purchasing by brainwashing, they are now more interested in having their needs met – what a concept.  As sellers  we are being called to be creative,  attentive, innovative and authentic. Consumers see widely through anything less and deem you irrelevant ~ the seller’s kiss of death.

Asking yourself what matters most to your consumer is an excellent place to start – what are their needs? Do they want more time with their kids? more convenience? more vacations? less stress? more options for building relationships with their customers? Find out what worries, concerns and frustrations are swimming around in their head and tailor your product and your communications message to answer those concerns and your prospect will not only listen to what you are saying but will buy what you are selling~ sweet.

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