Is the rise of user-generated content leaving your ad campaign in the dust?

If you don’t understand the impact of social media marketing on your bottom line it is probably costing you money. If you are not engaging your customers and potential customers in a conversation about your business and what it can offer then you are missing a very important piece of your marketing puzzle.

Most marketers know that everything has changed in their industry. No longer can you throw a ton of money at a media campaign and ensure sales, because media no longer works the way it once did. Today a company must ask permission to interrupt us, and make no mistake, we love that.

With the inception of RSS feeds, social networking sites, spam filters and PVR’s the consumer has more ways to shut your message out than ever before. The question now becomes:  In this user-generated content arena how do you get your message out there and once it is how do you get your target audience to read it?



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