Tips for social media posting for small business:

Unsure what to post on your social media sites?

–          Keeping it is simple goes a long way. Don’t get into a lot of technical jargon unless your customers are techies or your audience is very industry specific. New and potential clients may not warm to something that immediately seems over their head.

–          Remember the last question that a customer asked you and answer it. Keep a list of FAQ’s on hand that you can draw from when posting. When customers ask new ones, add them to your list. Keep in mind that customer retention is largely about solving their problems with your product or service. Hint: FAQ’s can come from everywhere, anyone ask about your business at the last party you attended? While watching your kids play hockey? At the gym? Etc.

Be aware, because FAQ’s don’t necessarily come from your customers.

–           Subscribe to industry specific blogs and when you read something interesting quote it and give your 2 cents. Experts in your industry are out there writing about issues pertaining to it every day. Your opinion matters to your clients and potential clients. Give it to them.

–          Don’t mix business with personal life. At times it is relevant to post about current events, see Golden for an example, but sharing things like your political opinion (unless you are a political columnist) can cost you customers.

–          Posting pictures or video can have a powerful impact and will lessen the words you need to come up with.

–          Have someone proof the posting for you. A colleague can give valuable feedback and correct grammar that you may not pick up on yourself.  ALWAYS use spell check – an occasional spelling mistake is forgiven but making them consistently tells your audience that you don’t care enough to click a button and clean it up.


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