Why, if my company is doing fine, should we jump on the social media bandwagon?

Social media (SM) is an innovative way of marketing that has  proven to be an invaluable relationship building tool for companies and their customers/clients.  A 6% increase in blogging by Fortune 500 companies in the last year means the big guys are taking notice, social media works. More on that study.

People often think that blogging is a waste of time but look at it like this, if all the people who had questions about your product or service could have them answered, wouldn’t that translate into real income for your company? Everyone can benefit from positive conversation about their business and that is what nurturing your social media presence will create.

Even if your company is well established, and in some cases, especially if it is, a well constructed SM presence will tell your customers that you are innovative and up to date. SM will keep your company top-of-mind and nurture the relationships you already have with your customers, resulting in more referrals.

SM may seem intimidating and overwhelming if you have never blogged or been on Facebook but all it will take is a little training and you can be up and running like a pro. These sites are free and there are tons of online resources, also free, to get you started.  If you would like a further explanation and some guidance email me and I will help you get on the bandwagon.


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