Why your business needs an email newsletter.

If you’re reading this you are probably aware of the changes in effective marketing techniques that are emerging on [tweetmeme source= ‘alisonstoodley’ only_single=false]  a daily basis.  You probably already  have yourself a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account and are a profile on Linkedin. (If not, what are you waiting for?) With this foray into the world of social media don’t forget a very effective and low cost tool that can be the hub for all the buzz your efforts are generating:  the email newsletter.

A sign up box can be easily placed on your website,  Facebook fan page and blog, garnering you the exclusive attention of interested, potential clients and a program like Constant Contact can provide professional templates and very simply functionality that will more than meet your needs.

Now all you need to do is provide these potential customers with relevant content that helps them spread the word about you and your product. Why? because these are your best clients. They are the seeds that will help  nurture your online presence  and create a conversation about your business that translates into sales.

Email newsletters are an excellent relationship building tool.  Smart marketers realize that in today’s tough economic climate customer relationships are very, very important.  People are more apt to purchase even low cost items based on a recommendation from a friend rather than a multi-million dollar ad campaign. Your newsletter can be that recommendation.

Whether you are selling soup, cars or services, your current customers can be opening the door to your future customers but you have to place them in front of the door.  Use your newsletter to outline a lucrative referral program, provide the latest industry information and to shower appreciation  rather than as an email advertisement. Use it to create your reputation exactly as you would like it to be.  Outline philanthropic efforts at your company or within affiliated associations, talk about your outstanding employees or others in your industry, answer questions that not only customers but staff and affiliates might ask and above all, make it extremely easy for your readers to share this content.

As mentioned above you need to  link to your social media accounts  in all your email communication.  You also need to place ‘forward to a friend’ links wherever possible and you need to remind your readers that you appreciate them passing your message along.

Make sure to be consistent in your efforts – monthly works best-  and you will keep the buzz going, drop the ball and the momentum you have built drops with it.

If you need help creating an email marketing campaign that is geared towards increasing your companies bottom line let me know in the comments section or email me.


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