The need for authenticity…

Nothing boils my blood more than inauthentic marketing.  From the  mascara commercials where everyone is  sporting ridiculous looking false eyelashes to the NL Tourism commercials that  have the landscape so saturated it looks like a Disney theme park. [tweetmeme source=”alisonstoodley” only_single=false] Do marketers think we can’t handle the truth? Are they really fooling people?  Surely no one can believe that mascara does that to lashes or that the colours of homes in NL are that blinding. Can they?

Make no mistake, authenticity counts. Especially in social media. The very act of engagement requires it and social media marketing is all about engagement.  If we feel like we are being sold something it often leaves a bad taste in our mouths, no one wants to feel like that.  Even worse,  if we feel we might get ripped-off we will never trust the marketing, the salesperson or the campaign.

The point of social media marketing is to engage your audience and give them something of value. Never forget, the audience decides what is of value, all you can do is reach out your hand and hope they shake it. Authenticity will ensure that when you do there is something real on the table and that no matter what you are marketing your voice can be trusted.  If you accomplish that, the sales will take care of themselves.


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