What type of business benefits from a social media presence?

The most obvious answer is one with customers, but that’s a bit general.  Businesses that offer lots of products and [tweetmeme source=”alisonstoodley” only_single=false]that have seasonal changes are big benefiters of social media because they can inform their customers of new arrivals immediately and without them having to come to the store first to see what’s new.  In other words, any business in the retail sector will benefit.

Companies that offer services, from web design to hair dressing, will also benefit because of the reasons mentioned above but also because they can utilize the medium for educating their customers about little known or specialty services and that can move good customers into the great customer category.

What about a service/product that has a niche market? Say for instance you have a business that caters to people who want to lose weight, or over 40 dating services, or any number of services that target a specific niche, then social media can really be an excellent tool for marketing. Not only for the education and information aspects mentioned above but to also lend a feel of exclusivity to your business. This has the added effect of making people feel like their specific needs are being met, ensuring you have a customer for life!

Social media is allowing many types of businesses to ramp up their profile. It is creating customers out of audiences and is putting that customer in the driver’s seat – all good things considering people listen much more carefully to their friends and family than to mass media advertising.

Is your business benefitting from social media?  Share in the comment section below and maybe another business owner will see themselves in your success. Oh, and if you know a business owner that should have a social media presence but doesn’t, direct them to the Hands-On Workshop link in the right column of this blog, thanks!


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