Who’s the Expert?

I have taken a number of webinars on social media.  I have been using it for my business and that of my clients for almost 4 years now and I have studied everything I can get my hands on about the subject, but there are days when it feels like I am starting at square one.  [tweetmeme source=”alisonstoodley” only_single=false]

I am amazed that people call themselves experts in this area mainly because the arena changes faster than you can spell expert.  I understand the idea of positioning yourself as a specialist or an expert in your field but can anyone say that they are up to date on all the social media sites and applications when there are hundreds of new ones with increased functionality added each day?

I am not a social media expert.  There, I said it.

What I am is someone who knows the most popular tools in social media and has become familiar enough with them to see actual results for myself and my clients.  I am learning more and more each day.  I understand the scope of the social media network and can easily see the potential in utilizing these tools for business.  That is the experience I share in my workshops and one-on-one training in hopes that my participants can see what I see:  the unlimited possibilities of a communication revolution based on social media tools – sounds good doesn’t it?


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