The Social Media Privacy Myth…

Lately friends and fans alike have been up in arms regarding the latest privacy changes, (or some would say, violations) to our Facebook accounts.  In a nutshell Facebook has opted everyone in to share their personal details with its [tweetmeme source=”alisonstoodley” only_single=false]partner sites. So this means that when we visit these sites, CNN, Yelp and Pandora to name a few, we will find an internet experience tailored to our preferences. Unless of course, we navigate the maze of privacy settings to opt ourselves out and even then one can’t be sure their details are protected, which brings me to my point.

If you are one of those who is crazed by Facebook‘s ‘anti-privacy’ privacy policy take note: Anything you voluntarily share on the internet is no longer private. Keep this in mind every time you sign up for a new site, get a new email, or even purchase something. The details you share have the possibility of being compromised, no matter how secure or private a site claims to be. If you are uncomfortable with that govern yourself accordingly.

Think about it, your credit card details are vulnerable to any store clerk  yet you still use it when you shop.  In most cases using a simple business card  I can find out just about anything I want about anyone but that doesn’t keep people from sharing them. In my opinion we have all gotten a little paranoid when it comes to online privacy. Facebook isn’t trying to hack your bank account  (unless you include placing things in front of you that you might actually want to buy) or camp out in front of your house with a set of binoculars, they are merely trying to take advantage of the information you have provided to become more profitable and possible enhance your online experience. Yes, this may come with a few risks but they are no more than allowing that waitress a glimpse at your Visa number.

If you prefer to keep yourself private then you really have no place on Facebook or any other social media site and if you want to limit the details you share then don’t provide them to any site in the first place. That way we will be taking responsibility for our personal information and our privacy and we can all stop blaming Facebook for simply working with what we have given them.


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