Time Management?

The most frequent complaint I hear from people when I ask them why they haven’t kept up on their social media is that they ‘don’t have time.’

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Now, as a business person and a single mom I get that – time is a very valuable commodity.  But then again, so is your business and if your business depends on word of mouth, then so is your social media presence.

If you are one of the time challenged many try looking at it from a different perspective.  Time, as it turns out, cannot be managed  it’s coming and going whether you get your stuff together or not, but commitments can be managed and looking at yours with a critical eye for results might shine a light on pockets of available time you may have overlooked.

When it comes to your social media commitments make sure that where you are spending your time is where it will pay off and whittle back your commitment until it is manageable. Posting regularly to one medium is much better than not posting at all to five.


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  1. A very nice issue regarding the social media. The time consuming for the social media marketing is also considering as a constraint, however, the travel industry is highly dominating by the word of mouth marketing. There fore,I think to use the right social media becomes an inevitable thing for promotion.

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