Are you flying blind?

Many of the companies that I see on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., appear to be there ‘on the fly’. I will notice a post from them occasionally or they are constantly trying to sell something, I mean every post. Of the constant sellers I have no idea what most of them are up to now because they have long ago been hidden from my newsfeed. Perhaps when I am finished writing I will add them back and give them another chance, maybe by now they have figured it out…or maybe not.

If you don’t have a strategy to guide your social media efforts you are quite probably wasting a lot of valuable time and money trying to make social media work for you company.

What I would like to know is, those of you who don’t have a strategy, why don’t you? Were you not aware that a strategy was a good idea? Were you thinking you could make it all work without one? Or have you trusted your social media to someone else who is assuring you that everything is fine? If either of these is the case it may be time to have a look at your stats and see how many people are actually getting your message.  I can almost guarantee that your bottom line will reflect your lack of strategy.

On a daily basis I see companies and individuals who are attempting to market themselves on social media and only about one tenth are getting it right. Most of the others are flailing around in the muddy waters about to go under because they see no positive results from their efforts. If that is you, please take advantage of any number of services, training, seminars, etc. that are available and get yourself on the track to engaging and converting customers because honestly, there are millions of dollars being made every single day through excellent social media campaigns, you deserve to be grabbing a piece of that pie.

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