2 Very Important (and often overlooked) Social Media Essentials

1. A Social Media Strategy.

If you are using social media without one, you are definitely spending more time than you need to, and you are probably not getting the full return on your investment.
Having a strategy that outlines the steps to take, and the ones to avoid, is as sensible as using plans to build a house instead of ‘winging it’. A well-researched Social Media Strategy will focus on achieving your company’s goals, using time efficiently and economically. It will help you avoid common pitfalls, like posting at the wrong times, or on sites that don’t appeal to your target audience. More and more companies are realizing that throwing up a Facebook page and linking it to a Twitter account is not enough to create the buzz they were hoping for. Social Media is a powerful tool for driving leads to your door, for building customer loyalty, for educating and building trust, but it can also be a huge time waster, costing your company thousands. A comprehensive Social Media Strategy will ensure your efforts pay you, not the other way around.

2. A Company Social Media Policy (CSMP).

If you have employees, even one, you need a CSMP. Otherwise, your company reputation might be on the line. Most people use some form of Social Media both at work and at home and there are key points that need to be made very clear. For instance, who is manning your sites on the weekend? Do they have the authority to deal with a crisis? Who responds to comments? How soon are they answered? What happens when that person goes on vacation? Need more? What are employees allowed to post about your company? Is it OK for employees to post videos on Facebook that have been taken on your business premises? During the company Christmas party? To their personal profile? Without your knowledge?
See where this is going? If you are not outlining in detail the dos and don’ts in your CSMP the answers to these and many more questions go unanswered, until they demand to be.
Don’t be caught with your pants down, take care of these points today, before they end up costing you valuable resources, like your money or your reputation.
Need help creating a Strategy or a Company Policy? Get in touch, we can help.

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