It’s NOT All About the Numbers.

Too often clients ask me, “ how can I get more fans on my page?” They think, as most do, that Facebook fan page success is all about the numbers. Not so. Facebook, and social media in general, is all about engagement, not numbers. If you have thousands of fans who don’t care about your products and services you might as well be putting your money and time into newspaper ads. But, if you have a small handful of loyal customers who interact with your content regularly and spread good news about your business across social media channels, then you have success; the kind that translates into a positive bottom line.
So, don’t ask your social media consultant how to increase the numbers, ask how to increase engagement because when you get that working for you, the numbers take care of themselves.
2 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Engagement:
1) Know your audience. On Facebook the ‘Page Insights’ will show you your page demographic; make sure your posts are relevant to them.
2) Ask questions. Design your posts to be inquiries. Ask your audience what they like, what they do, how they handle different situations, etc. Answers, in the form of comments and likes, are engagement.

More engagement strategies to come…..

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