2 Steps to more Followers

Sifting through the local paper this morning I noticed a lot of small businesses advertising their wares. Yoga/Pilates studios, restaurants, clothing stores, massage therapy clinics, and many many more. One thing conspicuously absent from almost every single ad were their social media links. Not a little blue ‘f’ to be seen for miles.
Now, maybe it’s because social media is my work, or maybe it’s because everyone I know spends a fair bit of time either facebooking or tweeting or tumbling, that I find it astonishing that companies who go through the time, trouble, and sometimes money to put up a presence on a social media site will not consider that presence important enough to include in their print advertising.

One of the most asked questions in my business is “how can I get more followers?” Well, you can start by telling your fans and potential customers that you are there. It’s really very easy, take Facebook for instance – Step One: Claim your user name on Facebook so a cinch to find you when people start looking, (http://facebook.com/username) and Step Two: put the little blue ‘f’ everywhere you can. On your letter head, at the bottom of every email, on your newsletters, print ads and even include it in your conversations. Just like you told everyone who came within earshot that you had an ad in the paper when you first put one there, start spreading the good news about your social media presence and see what happens.
Yes, If you built it they will come, but only if you tell them where to find you.


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