Gathering Customer Information With Social Media

Have you cultivated a social media following? If yes, then you have an opportunity you may be missing – information gathering.
In most cases a loyal audience will tell you anything you want to know, within reason. And most of us want to know a lot about our customer right? So, start asking.

Ask them to comment on blog posts, ask them specific questions with specific answers in customer surveys — tip: keep surveys short, really short – 5 questions max. — or ask them one specific question at a time with Facebook questions. You can also insert mini surveys into your monthly newsletter or ask something on Twitter or in your status update on LinkedIn. You might also ask a question in a LinkedIn group, respondents are likely colleagues not customers but they may have keen insight into your customers wants and needs.

What to ask? Ask them about your products, the good the bad and the ugly. Ask them what they do with their spare time, ask them what technology they use, how they use it and how they think it can be improved. Ask them if they are married, do they have kids, what is important to them and where they would like to see themselves in the future. The more personal and intimate the questions, the better off you are keeping the survey private (off Facebook) and possibly anonymous.

The information you gather should be relevant to your product or service. It should be designed to help you move your company forward and most of all it should give you insight into your best customer. When you know your customer and what they want, you can set about the business of giving it to them, which after all, is the point of being in business in the first place.

Have you used social media to gather customer information? Which tools have you used and how has it worked for you?

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