Happy New What?

New Year – new you, new business, new body, new mind, new adventures, new loves, new houses, new homes, new friends, new connections, new opportunities, new world.

These and many more ‘news’ are standing before us all now in the fresh, enthusiastic wonder that is 2012 – the question remains – what will you do with your new?

A New Year means more than a ticking clock or tearing off a calendar page. It means we can start over, again or anew. It means the chance for hope, compassion, and contribution. It means that even though we have no idea what is coming we will make inspirational plans for that unknown and goals that will help us get to it.

Today we can easily feel the possibility, the adventures looming, tomorrow those feeling will begin to fade. By next week they will be distant memories. Unless……unless we give them life and resolve to take action that keeps us ‘in possibility’.

Try this, take a package of brightly coloured sticky notes and write on them BE GREAT, POSSIBILITY, ACTION, PURPOSE, CONTRIBUTION, or any other inspirational words that stir your juices. Then post them all over your house, never mind if people see them, they make excellent conversation starters. When they start to curl around the edges take them down and start again with new words in different places. Never let the new get old.

If we remind ourselves on a daily basis what is possible, that we can create whatever we want, we will…..and then we can say Happy New Minute, Happy New Morning, Happy New Day instead of just celebrating possibility on a yearly basis. If we realized the potential in each and every second we are given, we would readily run out of fireworks. But then again, we wouldn’t need them, because we would celebrate each moment by living to our highest potential, wouldn’t that be incredible?

Happy New Year Everyone!
Now get out there and create something really cool!


Tweet Much?

No, seriously, tweet much?
Most of the clients or friends I ask answer that they don’t. They don’t because they think the mundane details of their lives are ridiculous and if they haven’t got something relevant to their business to say, they say nothing… (insert crickets here).

The problem with that is they think all the people on twitter are doing the same, waiting until the perfect inspirational, call-to-action tweet pops into their head and only then sharing it with the twitterverse – So. Not. True.

The reason Twitter works for business, and for pleasure, is because tweeters are people – and people want to connect with people.

If you only communicate on Twitter in business form, using business speak to discuss business issues, you’re missing the point and more likely, you’re boring your audience to tears.

The reason Twitter works is precisely because of the mundane details that connect us all – cheering on your sports team, watching your favorite TV show, hating on ridiculous drivers, talking about the weather and yes, sharing what you had for lunch, even immortalizing that salad in a picture.
Yes, we do business, but we also do life in general, and it’s that general part where most of us find some commonality.

If you’re resolving to get your tweet on in 2012, or you want to increase your impact on Twitter give this a try: take off your business suit, move away from your desk and tweet instead from the couch, in jeans – sweats even – and see if you don’t make a connection that just might someday lead to a little business.

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