“I was as illiterate and scared of social media as a person could be when I first met with Alison. The day after our first meeting, I had both a personal and a business (Fan) page on Facebook and I was tweeting on Twitter…. I’ve already picked up a new client and several prospects as a direct result of the social media tools Alison helped me harness. Totally worth the investment.”
J. McCann-Scott, Heritage Education Funds

“THANK you for all your help with FACE BOOK! I got your strategies yesterday and will implement right away. Because of your teachings and Facebook my training business increased INCREDIBLY. What took me a year to achieve last year – took me 8 weeks this year and my sales were 10 times higher!!!! That’s amazing….thank you and thank Facebook!”
Tina Olivero, The Oil and Gas Magazine, Publishing World, Transformational Training

“I started working with Alison in January 2007.  During this time my business has grown & her work is a great value!  She is a brilliant writer, very creative & colourful in the lay-out & design of my e-newsletters.  Her biggest attribute & there are several would be her heaping amounts of integrity!  My business has flourished with increased registration, sold out Belly Dance courses, and bookings by DMC Entertainment for annual conferences, most recently the AIC Conference  and the annual oil & gas show held in St John’s this past June.  I have reached my goal of 50 dancers for Salsa Tuesdays at the Bella Vista which is continuing to grow.   Working with Alison continues to be a valuable asset not only in the success of my business but also in the evolving of a better human being.”

Deneen Connolly, Deneen’s Eastern Exercise and DMC Entertainment


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