fear not…

When many of us first wade into the social media jungle we notice a few things.  First of all, this stuff takes a fair bit of time  and second there is a lot more to an effective social media strategy than simply posting to a twitter account occasionally. [tweetmeme source=”alisonstoodley” only_single=false]

The biggest surprise for me was to see how many people were scared of the social media environment.  Fearing their lives be laid out for all to, not only see, but comment on freely, an awful lot of people have decided to avoid social media altogether.  The problem there lies in the fact that as a business not maintaining a social media presence is becoming a liability.

One of the best things you can do if you fall into the category mentioned above is to educate yourself.  Understanding and using the privacy settings on Facebook will make it a lot easier to enjoy the experience and once you are playing in the environment it is not so hard to make the move to a business presence.

Each social media tool should be taken on one at a time and you can find more information about each one and their privacy controls than you will ever have time to read, with a simple Google search.

So, take a baby step, get comfortable and keep moving forward……because love it,  hate it,  fear it or embrace it,  social media is here to stay.

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