Can social media transform business?

Recently I have noticed a number of social media seminars popping up (my own included coming in May) from private and small to large and grand, it seems social media is on everyone’s mind. [tweetmeme source=”alisonstoodley” only_single=false] This is great to see,  not only because it validates what I do but because it means that businesses both large and small are seeing the benefits (translation: bottom line $$) of maintaining open lines of communication with their customers.  Because of this, social media has the power to transform business as we know it.  I know some of you will roll your eyes at that statement but think about it, how long would it take to get a major corporations attention in the past?  How many hoops would you have to jump through to get a message on the CEO’s desk?  Today, you can comment on a Facebook fan page and the CEO might be the one reading it.  Customer feedback is gold to any company and never before have they been able to garner it quite so easily.  Have something to say?  See if the company you want to communicate with has a Facebook fan page, chances are they do.  Write on their wall, comment on their posts and have your say.  Be a part of a revolution or start your own – your social media soapbox awaits!


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